March 19, 2012

Perseverance Day 1

The girls and I started our first official 'school' time today and it was a lot of fun! We talked about the word Perseverance. At first, I thought this was going to be a difficult word to teach or help them understand, but it ended up being very easy and came up a lot throughout the day.
We talked about how Carly had to work really, really hard at getting her car seat straps buckled in this morning and how it took perseverance to accomplish her task. Jenna had a hard time zipping up her jacket and it took perseverance to get it done on her own.

We wrote the word out and talked more about it while Kaitlyn napped.
The lighting was really bad, so I couldn't get a good shot of Jenna's writing- but she was proud that she could write the long word out by herself!

I helped Carly find the letters to spell out the word with stickers.
I think the word was too long and she eventually got bored and just wanted to watch a show- which led to a grumpy faced picture!

This is a picture Carly took of me trying to get the kids to sit and listen to the book! They finally stopped playing and read the book with me. It was a cute book and the cows demonstrated perseverance, so it was a fun way to teach more about our new word for the week!