February 25, 2012

A day in the life of The Starkovich Girls

It's been three full days since my husband has been out of town (he's having a work weekend with his dad and brother in San Diego) and I thought it would be fun to blog about the past 24 hours of my crazy day as a single mom with 3 small children.... here goes:

130am: Baby K wakes up and doesn't want to go back to sleep, so I bring her into bed with me to nurse to sleep.

230am: Carly wakes up screaming cause she wet the bed (the same bed sheets I just washed the day before, UGHH). So I go down and change her clothes and put towels over the sheets.

3am: Baby K awake again cause she noticed I was gone, get her back to sleep by patting her back for 20 mins.

530am: Kaitlyn awake for the day. Doesn't go back to sleep, so we play until the girls wake.

7am: Girls wake, I jump in shower.

715am: Let girls eat their oatmeal in my room so I can finish getting ready for the day.

730am: Jenna knocks over Carly's oatmeal, spills all over our carpet. I use a hand towel to clean it up and then rinse it in the bathroom sink. Bathroom sink gets clogged up SO ANNOYING.

745am: Kaitlyn super grumpy and then spits up all of her breakfast on our bedroom carpet (right next to the oatmeal mess) good times.

830am: put on show for kids to watch, get Kaitlyn down for an early nap.

9am: play games with kids and clean up house. Get ready to walk on West Cliff, then realize I don't have the big car and can't fit a double stroller or Jenna's bike in the small car. So we decide to play at the park instead. Get waters ready to take and find out Jenna's favorite cup with her name on it is broken and leaked everywhere.

10am: Kaitlyn awake and we head to the park. Girls being crazy at park cause they went to bed super late the night before. Some Grandma at the park comments to her grandkids how "we are not supposed to go up the slides like those girls are doing" (ha). Try to talk to hubby, but kids being to crazy and didn't want to be 'that mom' on the phone while the kids are screaming.

12pm: Home from park, but kids not listening cause they don't want to take their naps. They decide to find worms instead and track mud all up the front porch and into our entryway. Oh and they bring the worm all the way into the baby's room and it drops on the carpet (mud and all).

1215: Throw kids in tub and wash all the dirt off.

1230: Older girls nap, Kaitlyn and I play and practice crawling (=

130: K takes her nap and so do I (house is a disaster but I need sleep!)

200: Kids rush upstairs and are so excited to go to Grandma Shirley's house! They get dressed and all ready to see their cousins and celebrate Bella, who turned 7 a few weeks ago.

300: Leave for Shirley's and have a great time playing at her house with everybody.

530: Get to restaurant and everybody behaves great and eats all their food.

615: Time to get going, all the kids are done sitting and behaving. Carly is running around and being crazy. The people at the next table shouted that the baby was falling out of the high chair- I look and see Kaitlyn sinking down and is totally stuck! OMG it was so embarassing! Luckily the waitress and I were able to get her out before she got hurt. THEN, Carly decides to climb on the empty high chair and totally knocks it over and starts screaming. I had to carry Carly out, while Kaitlyn cried in Shirley's arms the whole way out the door. Not a fun way to leave a restaurant!

730: Shirley thought Kaitlyn had a tattoo on her back, but found out it was poop... that was a fun diaper change.

800: Kids having fun playing at Shirley's, then it's time to go and my kids throw the biggest tantrum cause they don't want to leave (and had tons of sugar an hour before). Have to carry each child out to the car. Jenna cried the whole way home cause she didn't get to hug her cousin good bye.

830: Kids in bed. Go to switch the laundry and notice these weird fuzzy balls of foam-type gooey things all over the clothes in the washer. Find the culprit- one of Carly's nighttime diapers. I just threw the clothes in the dryer, hopefully they will come out ok? ha

900: Ahhh finally some alone, quiet time... oh wait the baby is still sleeping in her car seat in her room. I guess I should go transfer her to her bed soon. Maybe after I down a few glasses of wine to unwind from this crazy day!

It's funny, cause all the little annoyances that happened throughout the day today- are pretty much equivalent to every other day of my life right now... and as hard and stressful as the days can get, I still wouldn't trade these moments for anything (=

Good night!

Oh, here's a picture of little Kaitlyn eating like a big girl. I can't believe she is almost 10 months old!


James said...

And funny enough I'm jealous I wasn't there to enjoy the day with you =)

Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing your day! I just laughed and smiled the whole time cuz I've totally been there! Next time, call me up and I'll leave my kids with Bobby and bring over the wine! :)

big hair betty said...

Jill, wow! Way to have a great attitude at the end of the day! But, I will say... move closer to our crazy family!!!

Jill said...

You guys are so sweet (=
Sure makes me appreciate my hubby even more, when he's not around! Sara- I think you and your crazy family need to move back!! We miss you guys!
Rachel- looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night!