September 8, 2009

Charles in charge

I couldn't resist posting these pictures...

see anything wrong with her outfit?

Well, besides the fact that the outfit doesn't quite go well together- you may notice the extra small skort that is not meant to be worn by a 3 year old....
Yes, Grandpa Chuck put Carly's 12 month old skort on Jenna while babysitting last week!
I was cracking up. At least she could move in them! I think the funniest thing to mention (while embarrassing my Father-in-Law) is how he managed to grab Carly's skort out of the drawer that is very well organized with all of Carly's other tiny clothes- and put them on Jenna? hmmm, we may want to re-think his grandfathering skills before allowing our children to be left in his care!

Speaking of which, here is a picture of Carly (who does not have all her teeth yet) eating a huge waffle given to her by Grandpa Chuck... choking hazard??? JK!

Ok, this post has been a little harsh towards Grandpa Chuck.. I think everybody knows what a wonderful Grandfather he is to his grandchildren, which is why I am able to joke around with him!


big hair betty said...

Jenna does kind of look like the girl in Charles in Charge (I loved that show!). At least he didn't try to put one of Carly's diapers on Jenna! About the waffle, just a giant teething biscuit!

Grandpa Chuck said...

Ok,ok - guilty as charged with Jenna's outfit. Although notice how happy she is after being with Grandpa!
However, I am thinking of suing for defamation of character regarding Carly & the waffle. I think that was given to her by Daddy not by Grandpa. Of course that could just prove that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree :-)
One final comment - he who laughs last, laughs best (and don't forget I do have that picture & I believe I can get to your facebook page)