November 26, 2012

Character Development- Obedience

Since we decided to pull Carly out of preschool, I have been trying to do some teaching at home on a regular basis. It's been really neat working with the girls on character development, and I'm glad they seem to enjoy it just as much as I do!
Here are some pictures I took the day we talked about being obedient:

Kaitlyn the Teacher
Carly setting up our party for after the lesson
I had the girls build a road out of blocks. 
We then had the cars drive on the road
I printed out some road signs and put them on sticks and stuck them around the road they built. 
The cars had to obey the road signs or something bad would happen
One car didn't stop at the stop sign and ended up hitting another car
We had a lot of fun with this lesson. We obeyed the signs and then took turns dis-obeying the signs to see what would happen.
We learned that when you dis-obey the road signs, you could get hurt or you can hurt others. The girls had to go to the 'hospital' to get treated for the injuries they got from the crash.
They learned a great lesson on Obedience this day. Carly still talks about how she wants to obey so she can stay safe and not go to the hospital... ha.
LOVE these girls!