July 26, 2011

Summer fun!

I took the girls to see their first movie in a theater and they LOVED it! We saw Cars 2, which was a little too action-packed for me (for a kids movie at least) but the kids seemed to enjoy it.

My sister and my niece, Alexis, joined us and shared their popcorn. I think the bag was almost empty before the movie even started!

Carly almost made it through the whole movie, I think it had about 10 mins left before she passed out!
I was surprised at how well they all (including the baby- who slept through the entire movie!) did for their first movie theater experience. Next time, I will make sure we are 20 mins late so the kids won't have to sit through all the previews... then maybe Carly will be awake enough to watch the entire movie!

Speaking of movies... another fun thing we did recently was have a 'camp-out' in our living room!
The kids were so excited to sleep in their sleeping bags upstairs and watch a movie before bed. It was really cute. We rented Despicable Me, which was really cute and such a big hit- we ended up renting it again for our second 'camp out' of the summer!

Jenna has been doing so good on her bike lately, we decided to all take a walk on West Cliff and have her ride her bike along with us. It was really fun and neat to see Jenna ride her bike so well and give Kaitlyn her first West Cliff walk experience (=

I tried to get some cool shots of my favorite girlies...

They all have their tongues out! ha

I love these kids! ... even if they won't ever smile for the camera- ughh!