December 13, 2009

Finally decorating the tree!

Exactly 1 week after getting our perfect little Christmas tree, we got out the ornaments and started decorating.
Well, to be honest... I think we attempted to decorate it the night we put it up. But after a long day with a teething 1 year old, an over-tired 3 year old, and a sick husband- things just didn't work out as planned. I think it was all the cleaning up of the water and tree mess that we had to do, because SOMEBODY (let's just call her the over-tired 3 year old) pushed the tree over, that made us decide to decorate another night!

So anyway, the tree is decorated and standing... let's just hope it stays that way (=

Jenna was very excited to be the first one to hang an ornament on the tree

Carly loved helping too!

Jenna took this of us in front of the tree. We'll have to get the tri-pod out again for a group shot in front of my FAVORITE Christmas tree!