April 12, 2009


We had a great Easter weekend with the family!
Sunday morning was spent decorating eggs and spending time with Grandma Terri. Then, we headed to Aunt Judy's house for an Easter dinner and a big egg hunt. It was nice to see everybody and just enjoy the beautiful day.

Here's a cute shot of Carly hanging in the corner of the couch while we decorated.

Jenna waited patiently while we set up the decorating kit.

Jenna and her 3 favorite eggs

We love Grandma Terri!

I told Jenna to make Carly smile... so she did- with her hands instead of her silly face! ha.. it was pretty funny.

Before heading out to Aunt Judy's house, we decided to take Abbe for a walk to the park.

It was nice to run around a bit before our drive to Morgan Hill.

Jenna got some bunny ears in her Easter basket.

My cute little bunny

Jenna had a lot of fun hunting for Easter eggs

Jenna found like 30 eggs and was very excited.

Bella and Alexis, soo sweet!

Cute little cousins... and me

Carly's first encounter with Scooter the horse

Jenna feeding Scooter some oats

Look at Jenna's face and how far away they were from the horse! ha

Thanks Aunt Judy and everybody else for making our Easter so special!