March 24, 2009

What happened to Marine World?

For my birthday this year, we decided (well I guess I decided!) to go to the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom amusement park. It was a lot of fun, but also a little disappointing. I remember when it was called Marine World USA, before Six Flags bought them out and added a bazillion rides. They had great animal shows, petting zoos, and you were able to walk around without getting haggled by the people working at the games.
Now, they have a dolphin performing with the whale! Maybe I have been spoiled by Sea World, but the whale show was probably the worst I have ever seen! Oh well, poor Shouka (the whale) I guess I wouldn't do a great job performing in a tiny fish bowl like that either.
Jenna seemed to have a lot of fun, too! This picture was taken inside of the butterfly exhibit.. she really liked the koi pond and the rocks, not sure if she even noticed the butterflies flying around!

Poor camels.

Grandma had a hard time taking a picture of us in front of the elephants. (I guess I do need to lose those 10 pounds of prego fat!)
The elephants were neat to watch, would have been more fun if we got to ride one... maybe next year!

Jenna's first ride by herself!!
She was having so much fun...

until it was about to start!