October 26, 2008


For James' birthday this year, we decided to cash in on a gift he had received about 2 years ago from Chuck and Dana. The gift included a weekend of babysitting and money towards where ever we decided to go.
We decided to take a little trip up the northern coast and check out some places we had never been before. We stayed in a cute little cottage at The Sea Rock Inn. It was perfect! The staff was great and it was within walking distance from downtown Mendocino and the beach. Below is a picture of the view we had at the Inn.

On Saturday, we took a trip on the famous Skunk Train. It was a loooong ride through the redwoods, but we enjoyed every minute of it! It was soo pretty and amazing to see all the tall trees, the beautiful rivers, and the little cabins out in the middle of nowhere that people actually lived in. The weather was great, so we decided to hang out in the town of Fort Bragg when we got off the train.

Here are some pictures of our last day in Mendocino. As you can probably tell by the pictures, the weather wasn't the greatest that morning. It was really windy and foggy, but it made for some cool shots of the ocean. We had a wonderful weekend away, and are very thankful to have people in our lives that we know will take good care of our daughter. So thank you Chuck and Dana for allowing us to have such a relaxing weekend get-away!