December 24, 2007

How I ruined Christmas...

Every year Grandma Shirley hosts Christmas Eve at her house. She usually serves the same, traditional food for dinner... but not this year. This year, she decided to prepare a vegetarian lasagna from scratch so that her picky grand-daughter, Jill, wouldn't complain. She spent most of the day preparing the meal, making it just right. When the time came to pull the lasagna out of the turkey roaster little oven thing (because the 'real' oven was in use), I decided to help. Well, at least I thought I was helping... until I dropped the entire dish of lasagna on the floor!! I felt HORRIBLE! I felt soo bad, I couldn't even feel the sauce and cheese burns I later noticed! And what a mess it made... I wish I had a picture to post. Sad, sad, sad.

Luckily, nobody was hurt and no white pants got stained (thanks to Mother Terri) and nobody starved! Generous Aunt Toni decided to treat everybody to some delicious pizza, while cousin Ricky cleaned up the mess- sorry about that Wicky (=

This is the only picture I took of Jenna and her cuz, Isabella. They had fun dancing and playing with their new toys, and it looks like they got a nice massage from the chair as well!